Exploring San Francisco With You Kids

Kids-2Adults have plenty of reasons to enjoy San Francisco, such as architecture, food, art, history, etc. But this city is also a great destination for kids as well. This city has plenty of destinations that are kid-friendly. Many destinations can be both educative and fun to the kids. You can visit ifonly.com to buy some exciting experiences.

The Exploratorium

As mentioned in www.travelandleisure.com children can have a nice time at Pier 15, the Exploratorium offers plenty science projects for the kids. You kid can learn about making electrical circuits, giant soap bubbles, light refraction and many more. Children under the age of 5 are offered free admission, while the older kids and adults may have to pay up to $25.

California Academy of Sciences

This is one of the top-most attractions for the kids. This destination is a great place to visit during a cold or raining day as it keeps the visitors dry and warm. These academies have an aquarium, a planetarium and a rainforest dome. Entry tickets are free for kids under the age of 3. The older kids and adults would be charged up to $35 per person.

Cable Cars

Cable cars entertain adults and kids. There are currently three cable cars maintained by the city, originating from the downtown area and ends at Aquatic Park. These cars can travel above the hilly areas of San Francisco, offering an amazing view. Children of age under 4 are offered a free ride, while the others are charged $5.

Crissy Field

This park is great for anyone, who loves nature. One can view the Golden Gate Bridge and birds, from the beach. There are also paved and unpaved areas that are great for biking.

Angel Island

Angel Island State Park is a great destination for anyone, who loves natural beauty and historical structures. This island has been an Army Post during the civil war, Chinese immigration station, a quarantine station and a POW camp. This place still has many historical buildings. You can reach this island by a ferry. You can rent a bike to tour the island or enjoy places by foot.

Hyde Street Pier

The pier displays half dozen of ships that were constructed during the 1800s and early 1900s. This destination can be exciting for families and kids. Children under 16 are offered free entry, while the adults are charged $5.00 per person.


San Francisco has the oldest and biggest Chinatown in the North America. As you enter through the Chinatown, you find many shops, bakeries and eateries. Some of the popular spots to mention here are Golden Gate Bakery and Dum Sum restaurant.
The DeYoung Museum

This is an excellent destination for teens and older kids. This museum can give a detailed glimpse of historical events, particularly San Francisco Earth Quake. You should also not miss museum’s observation tower, where you can have amazing views of San Francisco.

To know more about San Francisco and other popular destinations, you should visit some of the online travel guides. There are also travel agents to help you make your San Francisco tour so wonderful.