Tips On Picking An Engagement Ring


Shopping your engagement ring is not a difficult job when you have the right knowledge of what features to look for and with a lot of excitement check the girl whom you are going to marry. It will be an enjoyable experience. This article helps you the key factors you want to consider when picking an engagement ring for your fiancé.

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You must check her current jewelry to understand her general jewelry preference. Buying an engagement ring is a tricky job. You must purchase a ring that makes her surprise as well as loves the ring. You can do this by observing what type of ring and other jewelry she likes to wear. You don’t want to be an expert in jewelry. But you must research the style of jewelry she wear, color she likes, band and the size of the jewelry.

Then you want to check how she expects her engagement ring. You can hint your friend or family member’s engagement ring and check her preference in the meantime. You can also ask her friends whether she had discussed with them about jewels and particularly about rings she likes.

You can discuss her alternative stone options. Diamond is not only a choice for wedding rings you have other options too such as emeralds, sapphire, colored diamonds etc. You want to invest huge money in wedding rings so you must ensure that she must like the ring.

It is a good idea to engage her in the selection process since it is an expensive gift she wants you to pick an engagement ring without the pressure of buying. Normally men don’t have much experience in buying jewelry and not much equipped in understanding women’s taste. So you work with her in the buying process.

When selecting a band, you want to pick the right band metal. Band is a circular part of the ring that usually lies around the finger. The band is made up of platinum, gold, silver and sometimes combination of different materials. You must be aware that it is good to wear rings of the same metal since wearing different metals generally rub. You verify her current jewelry collection to figure out what metal she normally prefers.

There are different band styles available from traditional to latest funky and simple designs. You need to find whether she prefers classic, plain, wrapped, twisted or other band designs. Picking the right size of band is vital. It should not be very tight or loose on her fingers. It is good to trace her actual finger size in paper and use it for sizing purposes. You must ensure the quality of the metal and stone.

The above steps help you choose the right ring for your engagement that surprises the bride.