Picking The Right Oak Skirting And Architrave

Oak Skirting And Architrave

Skirting is used to give a perfect finish to the rooms. It covers the junction of the floor and wall, thereby giving it a neat finish. Even though minimalist architects no longer advise the use of skirting, my review here as a layman, will show that it does give a more sophisticated finish.

Oak Skirting is made from fine European Oak, the same as the one used in Oak flooring. They come in various profiles like Arabesque, Bullnose, Ogee, Yorkshire and Belgian, check www.houzz.com for more details.

Choosing the right profile: Even though the choice of the profile is a personal preference let us see what each profile has to offer in order to make a more informed choice.
The Arabesque skirting – This profile provides the feel of Arabic palaces and is available in various sizes. This skirting is made of high-quality solid oak and can be treated with dyes or waxes.
Yorkshire skirting – This is more intricately designed than the ogee profile and is inspired by the traditional designs found in Yorkshire.
Belgian Skirting- This profile blends tradition profile of ogee with the more modern bullnose. It is a great fit for people who want ‘something different.’
Chamfer Skirting – This profile comes in finished as well as unfinished forms and can be ideal for hiding cables behind a wall, closet or a door. This also complements a variety of floors and other interiors
Bullnose skirting – This is one of the most popular profiles used in modern homes. It comes unfinished and hence can be designed to suit as per need. One of the major advantages of this skirting is that it is sturdy and hence chances of damage are less.
Ogee Skirting – This profile when used gives a very traditional feel like that of a Victorian or period kind of home. It is most popular among homeowners who are matching it for already existing skirtings.

Architraves are a type of fitting that enriches and enhances the doors and arches. It adds a great style quotient to the appearance of rooms. Matching architrave and skirting make the room look very decorative. Like skirtings, architraves also come with a variety of profiles like the Arabesque, Bullnose, Ogee, Yorkshire and Belgian. It is best that the skirting and architrave are matched. For ex: Bullnose skirting with Bullnose Architrave or Ogee skirting with Ogee Architrave

Architraves and Skirtings are usually done at the end of a home construction, due to various reasons chances of missing the perfect finishing touch are high. So, a careful inspection of work is mandatory to make sure that the desired look is achieved. A few tips can come handy to give the perfect finish
Wait for the walls and ceilings to dry completely
Tip of the brush has to be used to cut the top and bottom
When painting skirting make sure to protect the carpet\floors
Always paint with the edges of the brush and hold it like a pencil
Make sure to fill the gaps between skirting and walls
‘Finish’ the painting and the architrave with a high-quality hard wax oil such as Osmo Polyx Oil or Blanchon Hard Waxoil. This enhances the woodwork.