Using The Bird’s Eye View For Real Estate

3D Aerial View Rendering

A recent survey stated that a majority of first time home buyers selected which neighborhoods their new home should be in using pictures rather than textual information. This is where unique ways of representing the lay of the land have its advantages. If it’s location buyers are looking for, what better way to showcase the area than via drone photography. Companies like Altitude Imaging are using this technology-infused method of artfully portraying an area Altitude Imaging. According to not only are the results utterly gorgeous and film-worthy, but the investment can clearly be earned back with every transaction made.

Drones offer professional grade photography and videography that is compliant with the law. Drones not only maximize on an agent’s marketing investment, but they also highlight the things that really matter. In the hands of a professional, drones can be used to create a highly informative and comprehensive view of the property. For example, if the property is located on a lakefront, drones can be used to take long, uncut shots of the house to the river to focus on the view and distance between the lake and the house. Unlike photos, this allows potential buyers to feel as if they were there on site really.

Using drone photography is not limited to outdoor use. While it may not be as feasible in a small space, larger homes benefit significantly from taking indoor shots using a drone. Not only does it eliminate the human factor, but it also helps the buyers get a better sense of the house. You can control the speed of the drone so that no turn is too fast. Shooting up a flight of stairs has never been quite as smooth or as easy. Keep in mind that heavily equipped drones will require more flying space than smaller ones. Ask your drone photographer about the types of drones they have at their disposal. They will offer you advice on which type to use when shooting on location.

Most drone photographers will already know the risks of taking aerial photography, but remember to educate yourself as well. Make sure you know the council code for the area regarding photography in a public space. Chances are a couple of the neighbors may be covered in wide shots, and it is an offense in some states to use it as property evidence without their consent. Additionally, hiring someone who is licensed and insured to make sure any mishaps on site are covered. Ask them for a couple of video clips to make sure they have the style an aesthetic you require.

Drones are still new to the real estate field. Some bylaws do not allow it to flourish to its full potential. However, in most areas, shooting the property, nearby parks and recreational areas as well as other amenities can help attract a buyer faster than 2D images. Many realtors who have embraced this powerful medium of advertising see a substantial increase in customer traffic, which positively affects the cultivation of their image and allows more sellers to put their faith in their marketing services.

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